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    ** NOTE: Menu items are based on availability from the suppliers and are subject to change

    TAE Breakfast & Lunch 



    Lunch Times:


    10:30-11:00   Pre K 3

    10:30-11:00   Pre K 4

    11:20-11:50   Kindergarten 

    10:40-11:10   1st grade

    11:35-12:05   2nd grade

    10:55-11:25   3rd grade

    11:45-12:15   4th grade

    11:00-11:30   5th grade



    If you are coming to eat with your child, please arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time to check in at the office – North side of T2 building, 575 Salado School Rd.

    You and your child will eat on the T2 porch picnic tables.  Due to limited seating, no parents are allowed to eat inside with the children.