• ROUTE                  DRIVER                                                                 MONITOR

    Route 1                 Scotty Dockray         (Mr. Scotty)                      Jody Hodges

    Route 2                 Raul Gonzalez          (Mr. Gonzalez)

    Route 3                 Terrell Simmons       (Mr. T)

    Route 4                 Jennifer Shahan       (Mrs. Jennifer)

    Route 5                 Donna Zelisko           (Mrs. Donna)

    Route 6                Paul Loughran         

    Route 7 A.M.       Kyra Mann                 (Mrs. Mann)

    Route 7 P.M.        Gary Schiller               (Mr. Gary)

    Route 8 A.M.       Blake Vajgert            (Mr. V)

    Route 8 P.M.        A.J. Martin                 (Mr. A.J.)

    Route 9                 Ninfa Espinoza         (Mrs. Espinoza)

    Route 10               

    Route 11              James Watkins         (Mr. Watkins)

    Route 12              Kirt Easter                 (Mr. Easter)


    Substitute Driver

    Seth Chambliss    (Mr. Chambliss)


    SPED ROUTE       DRIVER                                                                 MONITOR

    Route 30              David Stanford         (Mr. David)                       A.M. -Kim Easter

                                                                                                                 P.M. - Kim Easter

    Route 31              Clayton Capps          (Mr. Clayton)                   Julie Ramirez  (Mrs. Julie)



    For more information about your child(ren)'s bus route, please contact their campus or click on one of the below names to send an email to the transportation office:

    Suanne Amani

    Cheryl Lauw