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General Information

Yes, you may view attendance and grades on line via txConnect.

This is a 2 step process. 1st ‐ Request your child(ren)’s portal key. This request form is located in this section.  Give Salado personnel 3‐5
business days to verify the information and for you to receive the portal key(s) back.  The 2nd step is to sign up with an account you create yourself.  You simply need to create a username, have a valid email address, need your child(ren)’s portal key information as well as birthdate.  

See “Where do I begin to get a txConnect account so that I may view my child(ren)’s grades and attendance?”

There are several possible reasons you are not receiving alerts. The 1st and most likely reason is that you did not set up the alerts correctly. Please visit the document “Directions on managing your txConnect account” link and look at the triggers section to set up your triggers. A 2nd reason you are not receiving emails triggers could be that your email address on file in txConnect is old or outdated. Please verify that the email address on file is correct.  The final likely reason you are not receiving trigger alerts is that there is a SMTP relay issue within Salado ISD or your email account is marking email from Salado ISD as spam.  Please look at your junk folder for emails from Salado ISD.  If you have triggers set correctly, accept mail from Salado ISD, and have a valid email address in the system, contact and
notify him of the issue you are having as it may be a relaying issue at the school.

Email and request the Portal ID for your new child. In the email, please include your name, your account information and the children names already on your account so that this information can be verified.

Visit and click Forgot User name and password.  You will be prompted to answer your user id and a hint question before you can create a new password.  Your Hint question is case sensitve.  If you cannot reset your account and do not remember the information, please contact regarding your issue.  Your user account information can be viewed but not altered by anyone but you.  

Sadly, your password and account cannot be unlocked by anyone other than time.  If you wait 24 hours, your account will be automatically unlocked.  You can try to change your password but historically, that has not worked.  

Salado ISD uses additional port numbers to publish web sites other than the standard ports normally used for the world wide web. You will notice that the site address is part of the address you need to access the ParentConnect portal.
The 7000 behind the site name denotes the port number used. If you cannot access the web site from work but can from home, the issue is your IT department has blocked port 7000 traffic. Simply talk to your IT group and ask them to open port 7000 for you. In the future, Salado ISD may revert back to using standard ports only but that is dependent upon several other factors.

txConnect is an online gradebook that allows you to see your child(ren)’s grades, attendance and overall academic progress during the school year. You can create triggers where you receive email alerts when your child is absent, receives a poor score and so forth. You create the
account using a valid email address, user name and password. The system is not designed to allow others to reset your password or alter your account settings so you are encouraged to write down your user name and password in the event you forget it. It is also your responsibility to keep up with your email address as any changes will not be seen in this program unless you do it after you log in.

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